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Best Practices

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important in post covid.BESTPRACTICES

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TERRAEVENTS is looking with optimism and purpose to the future and our values of TTrust, EEvolution, RResponsiveness, RResponsibility and AAdaptability underpin our commitment to craft truly unforgettable event experiences in a safe and sustainable environment.Each of us has seen our world reset and as a consequence, choices will need to be re-evaluated. Building on this awareness, and in response to the evolved needs and emerging priorities of MICE industry stakeholders, we’ve made a careful reassessment of our work process, putting into place practical actions to support our clients through a series of interacting activities we presume necessary to producing successful events. INTRO

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A considered approach of in-depth, robust due diligence with independent qualification of suppliers for their financial solidity, performance and service standards.VETTINGPROCESSUnder Observation

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Claiming responsibility through design & ownership of H&S protocol; advancing from local-specific guidelines to create a personalized agenda, directly addressing our clients’ priorities and needs.HEALTH &SAFETYSTANDARDS In Safe Hands

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Agility and flexibility, our concept for continuous movement and direction - a dynamic fast flowing mindset, responsive to the changing perspectives and demands of our clients through the creation of new customer value propositions. FLEXIBILITY Agile sustainability

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Rethinking our customer journey through the development of tailored digital solutions through every phase of the event / program development and management.TECHNOLOGY A changing landscape

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Accountability, a keyword for our business; built around recognition, understanding and respect of our customers’ needs and supported by effective processes and governance. RISKASSESSMENTProtected Status

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Bespoke solutions developed and adopted to mitigate financial risks for all involved stakeholders.FINANCIALSERVICESPeace of Mind

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to include Covid-19 relate
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